Accelerated Anti-HIV Treatment

Accelerated Anti-HIV Treatment


The immediate objectives of the Accelerated treatment are as follows:-
  1. Attain the CD4 count above 750 -1000 cells per cubic millimeter.
  2. Decrease HIV RNA viral load count to less than detectable level.
  3. Decrease HIV DNA Proviral load count to less than detectable level.

5 way actions to combat HIV with the New Single drug HOO-IMM PLUS:- 

1) Successive Viral Decay (Decline in Latent Viral Reservoir – HIV Proviral DNA) 2) No Virological failure (No Viral RNA rebound). 3) Successive CD4 cell recovery (Improves CD4/CD8 ratio). 4) Prevents against Opportunistic Infections (OIs) 5) Productive & Quality Life. Our R&D center in collaboration with HOOTONE BioScience Research Laboratory, continuously works for the better formulations with an objective to enhance the drugs efficacy, effectiveness and affinity. 1) The New Single drug HOO-IMM Plus has different Natural Molecules that act against Multiple targets rather than “single molecule single target” that of an ARV. 2) The botanical extracts contain the natural compound those are inhibiting four targets against HIV namely integrase (IN), reverse transcriptase (RT), protease (PR) and Viral Fusion, tag heuer aquaracer replica watches such action against different HIV life cycles makes it one of the promising adjuvant or standalone therapy in this segment. 3) The New single drug combination of natural compound, HOO-IMM PLUS, it’s Plant based molecules have references for Anti-HIV activity in PUBMED, National Library of Medicine’s digital archive of biomedical & life sciences journal literature. The New Single drug HOO-IMM PLUS inhibits HIV RNA viral load count as well as the HIV DNA Proviral load count which is most important for functional cure. The New medication inhibits HIV RNA viral load count, eliminate HIV DNA Proviral load count and prevent the CD4 cells being affected by HIV by blocking HIV attaching the CD4 cells. The New Single drug HOO-IMM PLUS start decreasing the HIV RNA Viral load around 70-80% a month. And within 4 months, the HIV RNA Viral load count decrease to less than detectable level. Thereby recovery of CD4 counts takes place.

The dosage for the New Accelerated Single drug HOO-IMM PLUS are as follows:-

1) Before Breakfast: 2 Capsules just before breakfast with water. 2) Before Lunch: 2 Capsules just before lunch with water. 3) Before Dinner: 2 Capsules just before dinner with water.

The Accelerated course is well suitable for the following patients:

  1. Patient those are not under ARVs.
  2. Patient those are already undergoing ARVs and facing decrease in CD4 count or non increasing of CD4 count and increase (rebound) of HIV RNA viral load count.
The Accelerated course will also help the patient with ARVs to increase their CD4 count and decrease in HIV RNA viral load count and most importantly the Latent HIV Viral Reservoir (HIV DNA Proviral load count) which is not at all targeted by the ARVs. The patient already undergoing ARVs can start the Accelerated course of HOO-IMM PLUS and continue taking ARVS maintaining a gap of 2 hour. The medicines are now available throughout the world either through distributors wherever appointed or through direct company to the patients doorstep via DHL courier. Also kindly find few reviews of the test results of patients undergoing the New Accelerated HOO-IMM PLUS course below.
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