Tumour healing Cream – HOOTUMERIN

Tumour healing Cream – HOOTUMERIN


Efficacious for :

  1. umors & Nodes
  2. Breast cancer
  3. Mastitis
  4. Fibroids
  5. Thyroid glands
  6. Abscess.

Dosage :

HOOTUMERIN should be applied on the affected area and should not washed for an hour.
Packing :
Tube consisting 25 grams cream.


Stimulates natural cellular activity

Composition :

Dorema Ammoniacum (Ushkh) 50 mg
Myrtus Communis (Habul Azz) 50 mg
Apinia Galangel (Koolanjan) 70 mg
Acorus Calamus (Vach) 70 mg
Pipper Longum (Phil Phil daras) 90 mg
Boswellia (ssp) (Esas) 90 mg
Meba Azadrach (Bakain) 50 mg
Kusta Hajarul Yahud (Kusta Hajarul Yahud) 30 mg


  • An Anti-tumor, helps to stimulate macrophages and natural killer cells.
  • An Analgesic, relieves both, the pain & the stress response to the pain.
  • A Nervine relaxant, gives relaxing effect upon the peripheral nerves of the autonomic nervous system.
  • A Diaphoretic, increases circulation in the skin.