Urine Micturation – HOOCARCIN


Efficacious for :

  1. Dysuria.
  2. Urine retention.
  3. Nephrotic syndrome.
  4. Kidney dysfunction.
  5. Acute Renal failure.
  6. Chronic renal failure.
  7. Cystitis, Kidney stone etc.

Dosage :

For adults : 1-2 Capsules thrice a day.
(9 to 16 years) : 1 Capsule twice a day.
Children (below 9 years) : Open 1 capsule take half of it, mix the medicine with honey and serve as prescribed above.
OR Consult your own physician.

Packing :

6 blisters of 10’s pack in a carton.



Actions :

  • Diuretic, helps flush the whole of the tract.
  • Anti-inflammatories, ease the pain because of the reduction in inflammation.
  • Anti-spasmodics, reduce muscular spasming that often accompanies such urinary tract problems.
  • Anti-microbials, will facilitate the body ridding itself of any pathogens present., thus reducing inflammation and its resulting symptoms.
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