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The foolproof evidence for the proven efficacy of our herbal medicine HOO- IMM Plus is as elucidated below: –
HIV AIDS treatment is safer, if your treatment consists of toxic free, side-effect free medications. HIV AIDS treatment becomes more comfortable, if your treatment doesn’t ask for switching on to new drug combination because of drug resistance

  • 6ml serum / blood sample is to be drawn from a person previously infected with HIV/AIDS and undergone the complete course of treatment with our medicine HOO-IMM Plus.
  • The sample is to be well handled as per the NABL guidelines and to be sent to a renowned and reliable PCR Molecular diagnostic lab.
  • 3 ml of the sample is to be put for Western Blot Antibody test and the other 3 ml for HIV DNA-PCR Antigen test
  • The result of the above mentioned tests would report that the blood sample is positive for Western blot Antibody test & Negative for HIV DNA-PCR Antigen test.
  • This Interprets that at present the person is HIV negative though he still carries HIV antibodies (which is not harmful to health), authenticating his earlier infection with HIV.
  • The scientific reason behind this reporting is that our body immune system creates cell mediated immunity responses towards HIV antigen to produce antibodies that may persist for a long time, even after the antigen is completely eliminated from the body. The other best example is Mycobacterium Tuberculosis antibodies.

The human body can respond to antigen in many different ways. These fall into two major categories:

  • Antibody-mediated immunity. Antibodies, dissolved in blood, lymph, and other body fluids bind the antigen and trigger a response to it. (This form of immunity is also called humoral immunity).
  • Cell-mediated immunity (CMI). T cells (lymphocytes) bind to the surface of other cells, display the antigen and trigger a response and may remain in the body for a long time. The response may involve a) other lymphocytes and b) any of the other white blood cells (leukocytes)
  • Thus the above mentioned persons who are free from HIV antigen can, now freely marry and indulge in sexual activity without any risk of infecting to their life partner, women can conceive without any risk of transmitting the disease to children (though antibodies are likely to be transmitted from mother to fetus, it is not harmful to the health of the fetus) and lead a very normal life.
(It seems that many of the laboratories and doctors are still unaware of this latest molecular diagnostic test)

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