Efficacious for :

Loss of Memory power, Weak grasping power, poor memory, suitable for school going childrens.

Packing :
6 blisters of 10’s pack in a carton.




1) Circulatory stimulant, increase brain function and cerebral circulation by increased oxygen, increasing the flow of blood into chaemic tissue.
2) Stabilizing cellular membranes including the blood brain barrier, thus reducing any cerebral edema and hypertension.

3) Ameliorating the effects of progressive cerebral circulatory insufficiency due to age.

4) Increasing the flow of blood to the brain & stimulating the growth of receptor sites, leading to increased cerebral capacity, manifested by improved memory and reasoning power, improved mood, improved reaction time, alertness and speech.

5) Increase the efficiency of the nervous system, and thus improve mood, memory and self- mastery.

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